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I've been a freelancer since 1984 and mainly write for corporations, production companies, and other organizations. If you need writing, editing, or rewriting help, please call 414 795-6117 or send an e-mail. My freelance writing site is tswrites.com.

Recently, I've been writing feature articles such as "Witty Songs," "A Day In The Center Of Beatlemania" and "A Humdinger Of A Watch" for magazines, newspapers, and websites.

In addition to writing, I have a business called roygbivdesignsLLC that sells Natural Scratch scratching posts, planks, and slabs that I designed.  They are manufactured by woodworking companies and made of natural materials such as cedar and cork.  Each comes with an easy-to-read-and-use booklet that teaches people how to train their cats to claw Natural Scratch and nothing else.  Please have a look at http:www.naturalscratch.com.

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